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About Us

The Butler Delivers LLC is a technology company that is bringing cutting edge on-demand applications to the market place.
We currently have three apps in our portfolio:


On-Demand Delivery Service


On-Demand Ride Service


On-Demand Package Service

The Butler Delivery Service/On-Demand Delivery Service. Download the app from Google Play or The APP Store and order from any restaurant, grocery store, dry cleaners, pharmacy, or any place in town. You have a need, summon The Butler indeed!

The Butler Ride Service /On-Demand Ride Service. Download the app from Google Play or The App Store and request a ride in minutes.

The Butler Package Delivery/On-Demand Package Delivery. This service allows you to have your important packages shipped to our secure facility in your town. Our friendly butlers will deliver at night when you're home. No more lost or stolen packages. Safe, Secure, Reliable!

We have taken a unique approach to bringing these apps to the market place. We are licensing our technology to entrepreneurs across the US and Canada. This allows us to have someone in each local area with a vested interest in the success of the area. It also allows for a “local” face from each community.

If you are interested in becoming a license holder in your area, visit the license page and fill out the form.