Become a Driver

Fequently Asked Questions:

?   Who is The Butler Delivers LLC

The Butler Delivers LLC are the developers and owners of The Butler App. The Butler APPs are licensed out throughout the US and Canada. Those license holders are responsible for drivers in your area.

?   What is your cancellation policy

If a passenger request a ride and driver shows up and you are not there within 5 minutes you will be charged a cancellation fee. Both riders and drivers can initiate a cancellation fee. If a rider cancels the ride 3 minutes after requesting it they will be charged a cancellation fee. This is to compensate the driver for their time and for not being available to take another call. If you fee you were incorrectly charged a cancellation fee please let us know. You will need to reference your ride ID number.

?  How to Pay For a Ride

After the ride is over, you will receive notification. In the notification you will be able to rate and tip your driver. If you do not make payment within 10 minutes you will automatically be charged the total (no tip). You will receive an email receipt when payment is submitted.

?  What is a Booking Fee

Our Booking Fee is charged on each ride, this helps cover the cost of operating The Butler Platform

?  How do you calculate the cost of a Butler Ride.

There are two pricing scenarios depending upon the city you live in. The two methods are below:
1. Time & Distance: Distance Travelled (total miles) + Time Travelled + Base Fee + Booking Fee=Total Fare
2. Flat Charges: This is determined by the number of miles travelled. Calculated as follows: Fixed Charges + Flat Rate+Booking Fee=Total Fare The app will always show which method is being used. You will be able to see an estimated cost BEFORE you proceed with the ride. Booking fees cover the operational costs of background checks, safety programs, and upkeep.

?  How do I contact The Butler?

send all request to support@thebutlerdelivers.com and someone will get back to you promptly.

?  What are your background check requirements to become a Driver with The Butler

• None of the following criminal violations in the last seven years: • Any driving related criminal offense, sexual offenses, child abuse, any felony, and any violent crime. • None of the following driving violations in the last seven years: • Reckless driving, Street Racing, Speeding 100+ MPH, Hit and Run. Speed Contest, Driving under the influence (DUI) driving offenses, fleeing or attempting to flee a police officer, act of violence, act of terrorism, and Drug-related driving offenses • None of the following driving violations in t he last three years: • Driving on a suspended, revoked, or invalid driver’s license or vehicle insurance • No more than three in the past three years • Non-fatal accidents, Moving violations, Speeding tickets, Traffic light violations • Drivers 24 and over must have one or more years of driving history • Drivers age 21,22,23 must have two or more years of driving history